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Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups were created because we recognize the value in creating a safe space for diverse employees to come together and add their voice. Since their creation, our ERGs have also been critical partners in recruitment and retention, marketing, brand enhancement, training, and community.

Project Onyx ERG
Project Onyx is dedicated to cultivating, strengthening, and sustaining positive relationships between LS&Co.’s Black employees and the broader company.?They strive to build an engaging and empowering organization with efforts behind recruiting, professional development, networking, cultural events and social gatherings. In all,?they are committed to helping LS&Co. be at the center of culture by building a corporate environment that is all-inclusive and just as inspiring as the fans who wear our products.

InsideOut / LGBTQ+ ERG
Inside Out connects members and allies of the LGBTQ community to nurture an inclusive workplace culture, raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues, promote the development and advancement of LGBTQ+ employees, and support LS&Co. to deliver profits through principles and to make an outsized impact on the world. This group provides members a safe and inclusive space to build community, opportunities for personal and professional development, and pathways for involvement in company and community efforts to advance LGBTQ+ equality.

Asian ERG?
The Asian ERG brings together the voices of our employees who identify as being part of the Asian community and promotes personal and professional development for its members.

LatinX ERG
LatinX promotes an inclusive community that fosters an appreciation for?the Latinx?culture while connecting, supporting and developing the career paths of Latino and Hispanic employees at LS&Co.?The group?provides its members with opportunities?to develop both personally and professionally and get involved in the community.

Rivet / Women’s ERG
Rivet?aims to bring together passionate individuals who are interested in developing the conversation of what makes a woman’s world distinct and how?they can engage with leadership to drive LS&Co. to be more inclusive and more empowering. Their?long-term objective is to facilitate the development of future LS&Co. women leaders.

Immigrants, We Get the Job Done! ERG
Immigrants, We Get the Job Done! brings together employees who identify as being part of the immigrant community. The group aims to provide multi-faceted access to immigration resources, education and philanthropy. Their main goal is to build resilience and strengthen the immigrant narrative to?drive social change.

Thrive: Mental Wellness ERG

The Mental Health ERG looks to provide a safe space for LS&Co. employees to come together to learn how we can all better take care of our mental and emotional health. They provide opportunities to learn about better ways to deal with the stressors of life, provide a community to talk about mental health struggles, highlight LS&Co. benefits geared towards improved mental health, and help fight the stigma of finding help for mental health issues.

Parents ERG
This group strives to create community among current and prospective parents.?While their?priorities are based on members’ input,?they come together for education, sharing, mentorship and events.?They also work to represent parents’ needs and perspectives in the organization.

Unlabeled / Europe LGBTQ+ ERG
With nationalities including Spanish, English, French, German, Greek, Russian and American, expertise from multiple business functions – and both LGBTQ+ and straight identities – the Unlabeled ERG came together in support of the LGBTQ+ community in Europe. This ERG created a brand, mission, vision and set of priorities that engaged 10% of corporate employees in Europe to sign up as allies and LGBTQ+ members in just six months. They’ve also focused on generating LGBTQ+-friendly business opportunities for Dockers and Levi’s brands in Europe and are committed to establishing LS&Co. as a premier LGBTQ+ employer in Europe.